Consulting Packages

Guidestar/Candid Profile Package

Did you know that many financial advisors use Guidestar/Candid profiles as a research tool to find non-profit beneficiaries for their clients?

Any non-profit with a tax exemption already has a profile on Guidestar. We will help you gain platinum status! This will help donors know that your non-profit is worthy of their support.

BONUS: Many of the elements of your Guidestar profile make excellent grant application copy!

Guidestar File Download

    Package includes:

  • Guidestar/Candid profile management
  • Bronze seal: Mission & Vision

    • Basic information uploaded including donation link
  • Silver seal: Program descriptions

    • Upload existing branding, photos and/or a video
    • Basic information uploaded including donation link
  • Gold seal: Finances (990s and audits uploaded)

    • Board Composition
    • Staff Composition
  • Platinum seal: Strategic information

    • Needs Statement
    • Strategies & Goals
    • Goals
    • Impact metrics

Appeal Letter Package

Marketing experts say it takes between 3 – 8 “asks” to move a person to donate to your non-profit. Preparation helps an appeal raise so much more…and lays the groundwork for future giving. So, a successful appeal letter is part of an overall campaign, that includes a multi-channel approach and combines snail mail letters with emails, social media posts and even phone calls.

We’ll help you construct a plan that works for your non-profit! Start with a moving story, prime your audiences, and personalize your communications to maximize your results.

Package might include:

  • Written Appeal Plan with Timeline
  • Graphic Design of Header, Shocker Stat and Impact Piece for social media
  • Up to 3 Appeal Letter variations
  • Pledge Card/Insert Design
  • Appeal Thank You
  • Appeal Reminders—online
  • Online Donation Thank You letter
  • Snail Mail Followup
  • Followup / Phone Scripts as needed

Development Plan Package

Is your board hounding you about income targets?

You need a development plan, a fundraising blueprint for the year. It includes a list of the reasons donors will give, with an analysis of past income streams and a realistic forecast of relevant growth opportunities.

A solid development plan maximizes both staff and volunteer time, and provides an instrument for performance review, board communication and monthly reports.

    Package might include:

    • Mission Summary
    • Income Analysis & Graphs
    • Community Needs Statement
    • Database Insights—Segments
    • Impact & Outcomes Summary
    • Key Strategies for One Year
    • Specific Financial Targets
    • Timeline
    • Staffing Needs keyed to Plan
    • Monthly Board Report template
    • Marketing Recommendations
    • Print Newsletter template
    • Email News template

Customized Packages

Not sure what you need or in what order?

Let Kristen develop a customized plan just for your non-profit.